Zack Shahin's Captivity in Dubai

U.S. Citizen Zack Shahin has been imprisoned in Dubai for six years without any conviction. When will the U.S. government take action to bring him home?


A pair of recent decisions by the courts in Dubai have been little reported in the Western Press, but have far reaching implications to American and other foreign businesses in the United Arab Emirates. In both cases, an American businessman, courted by the powers-that-be in Dubai to steer the course of economic development by domestic corporations in that area, was acquitted in one case and a conviction sentencing him to 15 years in prison was overturned in another, thus confirming his innocence which he maintained throughout his five and a half years of pre-conviction imprisonment.

Zack Shahin, an American citizen who, along with other ex-patriots, has become caught up in the cumbersome and inefficient legal system in Dubai, has now succeeded in repulsing the spurious charges leveled against him of corruption and misfeasance in two major cases his accusers have hoped would have led to his incarceration. Although the decision are not specific, the general gist of the decision of the appellate court suggest the evidence upon which the prosecution so heavily relied was shallow or unworthy of belief, sufficient enough that the appellate court summarily rejected its weight and found it unworthy of belief.

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