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    Ex-Deyaar CEO Zack Shahin facing absconding charge

    Posted on 9/6/2012 3:28:13 PM

    The Head of Dubai Public Prosecution said on Thursday that former Deyaar CEO Zack Shahin will be charged with illegally leaving the country after he was extradited back to the UAE from Yemen.

    Attorney General Eissam Issa Al Humaidan said Shahin was in custody after his bail had been revoked.

    “He was granted bail in July and then escaped the country and was arrested in Yemen after an official international arrest warrant was issued last month. He is in the hands of UAE justice now,” Al Humaidan added.

    The former Deyaar executive is a defendant in six ongoing court cases.

    After he left the country, his legal team claimed he had done so because he feared for his life after being attacked in a hotel room.

    Shahin appeared at Dubai Court of First Instance on Thursday morning in relation to one of the corruption cases. He asked the judge to adjourn the case as he had been unable to contact his UAE lawyer.

    “I haven't been able to get in touch with my lawyer here and I don't know where he is,” Shahin told the judge.

    James Jatras, a member of Shahin's US legal team, told the court that he had been assigned to defend Shahin along with a UAE lawyer. However, the judge told him he did not have a licence to practise in the UAE.

    Shahin’s US legal team have released photos of their client landing back in the UAE.

    Shahin is charged with taking bribes worth Dhs20 million in return for approving contracts. The 45-year-old American is accused of deliberately approving bids that were higher than those of competing contractors in return for the bribes between 2004 and 2007.

    He is one of four co-accused – along with an Argentinean, a Brit and a Canadian – in the case.

    The judge adjourned the case to October 4.

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